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Ramm Botanicals is Australian by Design

Ramm Botanicals is a multi-award-winning business that celebrated it's 13th birthday on the 1st of December, 2015. The company has its own plant breeding programs and also represents outstanding plant breeders from within Australia and around the world. We have a dedicated product development team working on breeding and development of Australian native genera suited to international markets. Our Anigozanthos (kangaroo paw) breeding program is the world’s biggest. We distribute kangaroo paws as tissue cultures to many markets including U.S.A., Europe and Japan.

Currently located on the beautiful NSW Central Coast, our Kangy Angy site incorporates our tissue culture laboratory, young plant nursery, Research & Development facility and sales and administration offices.

We believe in a strong and progressive nursery industry that presents great products of high quality. We are proud members of the Nursery & Garden Industry of NSW & ACT (NGINA), are NIASA-accredited and EcoHort certified, and have full QBAN accreditation for both the lab and nursery.ramm about us 2

The company is responsible for marketing, propagation and distribution of tissue cultures and young plants to both domestic and export markets. We principally market ornamental plants for both the home garden and amenities markets, plus we conduct contract production of a number of crops including Banana and Blueberry.

We do not supply direct to the public, rather, we supply wholesale growers in Australia with rooted young plants. In turn, these growers either finish supplied plant material (and present them to the market typically in pot sizes of 14cm-20cm) or use our elite young plants as the basis for their cutting programs.

Ramm Botanicals employs around 85 people, mostly involved in direct production. Around 30 work in our laboratory and 46 in the nursery. We operate many laminar flows where tissue culture production takes place. We produce tissue cultures principally for the domestic market and have organised contract production in Sri Lanka, principally to feed our export markets.ramm about us 1

Many people ask ‘what is tissue culture?’ Without getting too technical, tissue culture is a form of asexual plant propagation that is conducted in a sterile laboratory environment. The process is often referred to as ‘micropropagation’. Tissue culture can be used to multiply the plant over a relatively short period of time, each plant being a clone of the original. The laboratory environment minimises viral and fungal infection and maintains plant health and vigour. Tissue culture also allows us to propagate plants out of season. Read more about our laboratory here.

Many of the plant varieties marketed by Ramm Botanicals are protected by PBR or are PBR-eligible, you can find more information on the PBR status of a product by using the PBR status filter in the Catalogue. These rights are a form of intellectual property, like patents and copyright, and are administered under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994.

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

"To create and or identify innovative new plants to suit the changing trends in the retail and amenity sectors that are marketed and promoted strategically throughout the world. To produce and distribute quality tissue culture and young plants that satisfy our customers need for on-time delivery, backed by superior technical support."