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Pelargonium Big Red 1
Category: Pelargonium

The Pelargonium BIG Series is new to Ramm Botanicals. Vividly coloured flowers produced in profusion atop mid-green, compact foliage. Perfect varieties for hanging baskets, pots or tubs.

Pelargonium Ivy Royal Lavender
Category: Pelargonium

A stunning range of Ivy-type Pelargoniums. Flower colours range from a deep burgundy to baby pink. We're certain there is a Ivy Pelargonium for you.

Bordeaux Flower
Category: Pelargonium

The Solstice Pelargoniums are an exciting new range to Ramm. Their compact habit and unusual flowers create a display worth showing off.

Pelargonium Zonal Cembalo
Category: Pelargonium

Bright colours and large clusters of flowers characterise the Zonal Pels. These varieties are known for being some of the most prolific flowering Pelargoniums, see for yourself.