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Ramm Botanicals is proud to announce its support to beyondblue, an organisation dedicated to providing information and support on mental health to all Australians. Ramm will be donating 10c to beyondblue for every Kleinia 'Trident Blue' plant sold in Australia.


Ramm Tissue Culture

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The Anigozanthos Project

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Ramm Botanicals is a proud member of the Anigozanthos Project - a web platform that brings together plant growers and breeders from around the world, sharing their knowledge and experience on kangaroo paw

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Ramm Tissue Culture

Australian Specialists in Tissue Culture Production and Services for Domestic and International Markets.

Ramm Tissue Culture offers experience, quality, reliability and service at a global level.

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How it began...

The Ramm Tissue Culture lab was first established to cater for our own nursery needs. Over time the quality of the work was recognised and contract work was accepted. Today, Ramm Tissue Culture is in demand for the supply of Tissue Cultures, both domestically and internationally. To manage the increasing demand, an off shore lab was aligned to assist in supplying high quality TC production at competitive prices. All off shore production plans are managed in house by our TC Laboratory Management Team. 


Ramm Tissue Culture is known for its dedicated staff and experience in managing a broad range of genera. The entire Ramm Tissue Culture team offer decades of experience.

Our Team

From Lab Manager to Micro Propagators, customers are assured of being associated with a Best Practices work environment offering exceptional service, knowledge, skills and dedication.

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The accumulated knowledge of our team means we have TC protocols in place to produce woody plants like eucalyptus or teak, fruiting plants such as banana and blueberry plus ornamentals including, of course, 

Apple, Banana, Almond, Peach, Blueberry, Potato, Kakadu PlumAnigozanthos. Best Practice Protocols have been developed for hundreds of plants such as:

  • Anigozanthos, Acacia, Brachyscome, Cordyline, Gerbera, Hemerocallis, Lomandra, Petunia, Rose, Thysanotus 
  • Teak, Eucalyptus varieties, Bamboo

Ramm Tissue Culture takes pride in producing high quality tissue culture in both our Australian and off shore labs. The lab supports our onsite production nursery with mother stock which is rotated every 6-12months from our high health laboratory nuclear stock. Initiations are only taken from the high health, high hygiene nursery stock. Initiations are pot trialled to ensure they remain true to type. Q A practices are established for every process to assure ongoing quality.

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Ramm Tissue Culture professionally manage all Tissue Culture requirements - Initiation, Intellectual Property Management, Production, Import and Export.Ramm Tissue Culture has developed long term associations with customers requiring contract production for many different crops. With our lab facilities we have the ability to deliver tissue culture at volume direct from lab to customers across Australia and internationally.



Ramm Tissue Culture provides dedicated service to all projects from one off orders to ongoing contracts. Stock is produced to order and is backed by technical support. Ramm Tissue Culture offers professional management for all Tissue Culture requirements… initiation, Intellectual Property Management, production, import and export.

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Our laboratory includes professional and hygienic facilities including Media Prep Room, Climate Controlled Incubation rooms, media storage cool rooms and NATA certified laminar flows. TC services:

  • Initiation service for new / old varieties / intellectual property.
  • Clean, vigorous nuclear stock maintained through the re-initiation program from ‘true to type’ plants managed by our Product Development Supervisor. 
  • Initiating clean indexed plants into TC production.
  • Developing plant specific growing media and rooting media    
  • Testing TC viability and suitability, eg. Multi Rates, Rooting Rates, S/C interval
  • Developing Laboratory to Nursery protocols both PD Nursery and production nursery.

Ramm Tissue Culture is available to support new customers. Contact us for more information specific to your needs.

Ramm Tissue Culture is conveniently located adjacent to the motorway and is only 1.5 hours from Sydney Airport and 1 hour from Newcastle Airport.

Ramm Tissue Culture is a division of Ramm Botanicals, a multi-award winning nursery for high scale onsite TC production and high volume plant production.