Gardenia Joy

Category: Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides

This Australian bred Gardenia produces an abundance of perfumed, single flowers throughout spring. The clean, glossy foliage provides a beautiful back drop for the flowers and looks attractive all year round. Perfect for planting next to the carport or letterbox to catch the fragrance each time you pass by. Dense foliage and a freebranching habit make this plant good as an informal hedge or border.

Height to 1.5m

Width to 1.5m


Plant in free draining soil and water in while establishing. Maintain a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant to keep moisture and warmth in the soil.


Joy shouldn't need watering above natural rainfall once established. The plant will aprreciate watering while establishing and during prolongued hot weather. Pot specimens will require more attention.

Talk to your preferred local nursery for the best option in your area or fertilise with azalea and camellia fertilizer in spring and autumn.


Joy shouldn't require too much attention in regards to pruning, however should the plant become untidy, cut back by approximately 1/3 of the plant. Be cautious of cutting too far back into the woody stems.

Tolerances Light Frost Tolerant
Use Cut Flower, Garden, Hedge, Landscape, Pots & Tubs, Shrub
PBR Information This variety may be registerable under the PBR Act, 1994. Growers should determine it's PBR status prior to propagation or undertaking other commercial activities.
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