The Ramm Botanicals perennial range includes numerous tried and tested varieties chosen for their colour, form and disease resistance and includes the premium ranges of Argyranthemum and Mandevilla, which have been bred by Australian owned Nuflora International in association with Sydney University.


Arctotis is a genus of annual and perennial plants in the family Asteraceae. Arctotis is native to the  dry stony slopes in southern Africa and is therefore well suited to our harsh Australian climate.

Aloha Mandevilla Range

Aloha Mandevilla are bred by Australian company NuFlora International. What are the benefits of Aussie breeders? They breed for Australian conditions, and the royalties remain in Australia! Perfect for Australian climates and soils.

Federation Daisy Range

Federation Daisies are still recognised as the best Marguerite Daisies in the market. Bred in Australia by NuFlora International, they’re selected and known and loved for their high flower counts, repeat flowering, high disease resistance and harsh weather tolerance.

Geranium Big Series

The BIG Series of Geraniums will bring big impact to your garden. Boasting bright, bountiful colour these varieties are sure to please the eye. Large, doubled blooms present themselves atop mid-green, compact foliage, setting a neat, yet exciting scene.

Schroll Hydrangea Range

The Schroll Hydrangea range was bred and specially selected by Danish company Schroll Flowers, who are one of Europe’s largest producers with over 20 years of experience.


Selected varieties have been thoroughly tested by Schroll and can withstand frosts and be placed indoors and outdoors. The range consists of many different colours and shapes and performs well in both pots and in the garden.

Tendenza Zygocactus Range

The Tendenza Zygocactus is a range of small Cacti with bright flowers consisting of two collections. The Schlumbergera Tendenza® Cool Zygos which flower in the cooler months, and the Rhipsalidopsis Tendenza® Hot Cactus which flower in the warmer months.